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Startup Tweets, Funding Deals – Weekly

Sunday Oct.16 thru Saturday Oct.22, 2016


Sunday Motivation:  You should refuse to be defeated!!

Startup Tweets:

Chennai – India has about 1,181 startups with total $16.65 million funding (11 rounds) received from Jan. to June 2016.

Customer-service software provider Freshdesk has acquired AI-based Chatimity a social-chat platform which integrates chat within mobile-apps.

Accelerators, incubators specializing on fintech startups from all over the world are increasingly coming to India to encash the fintech gold-rush.

There’s revolution brewing in edtech space; few startups are silently building products in hard-to-crack B2B space.

P2P lending cos. are in process of forming an association with an aim to create a fair practice code within the industry players.

Funding Deals:

C1Exchange – Real-time bidding platform for advertisers, publishers has received $8.5 million funding from Venture Labo, Mynavi Corp, NEC.

Postman – an HTTP client to test web services has received $7 million from Nexus Venture Partners.

Parenting related social discovery platform BabyChakra has raised undisclosed amount in Series-A funding from Seattle’s VC Round Glass partners.

Fintech startup – Finwizard Technologies which runs wealth-management app Fisdom has raised $1.1 million from Saama Capital.

Online Furniture rental co. Furlenco has raised ₹200 crore ($30 million) in funding through a mix of equity and debt.

Other Funding Deals: Deyor Camps -$500,000; Boxershorts -$37,500; SIBIA Analytics, Kidsstoppress, Maya, ShoeKonnect, ZipLoan, HealthBuds also received funding.

Elearning Tweets:

Joystick: is a piece of Hardware device that is used to control a mouse or a cursor. It is generally used for gaming purposes.

Accelerometer: a motion-detector that can tell how the device is being held. In health-apps the tech is used to detect movements

Startup Gyan:

Flaunt your failures, they might teach some one a lesson towards success. ~Harsh Mariwala

Check out:

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What to do when VCs come knocking at your door..?

startup-vc blogSo you’re a startup who has an amazing, unique solution that’s gonna hit the niche with a bang or has already taken the market by storm and is now “the talk of the town.” Obviously VCs also have, by now, heard about you and they come knocking at your door with bags full of money. What next..?

Here’s the checklist: First – You need to know about yourself, whether you’re a Bull or a Bear. Yes, like in the stock-market, there are people with different ways of looking at businesses. Check this out how different can be founders’ views about getting funded:

“Bootstarpping allows the founders to retain substantial skin in the game.” ~ Nemesh Singh, founder Appointy – bootstrapped for 7 years.

“It is like rocket fuel. You can expand at a faster rate with better access to great resources.” ~ Girish Mathrubootham, cofounder of Freshdesk.

growth hacking vc blog Next: Ask yourself – Am I getting funded too early or too much..? Why am I in such a rush to find a new boss who may be worse than the old boss (that is, if you’ve sacrificed a corporate job and a consistent pay-check to be an entrepreneur). Sometimes a VC-led intervention early in a startup’s journey may not be in the best interest of the venture.

  • The Benefits: VCs are an experienced lot – guys who’ve been there, done that. They’ve seen startups succeed and fail so they’re good at mentoring. While you might become emotionally attached to your venture; VCs bring in objectivity. OK you have a great idea but networking – which is a forte of of VCs – helps take the business ahead. You’re brilliant at ideating but when it comes to hiring the best talent, it is usually the experienced eyes of the VCs that can spot the right guy. A strong financial backing helps get acceptance among clients/ consumers. Finally, by buying into your startup, VCs are buying into an opportunity – as well as the downside. So you share your risk.
  • The Downsides: Every step you take, VCs will be watching you and they have the right to veto key decisions. VCs are not here for charity – their investments have a fixed time-frame so they will exit sooner rather than later. Too much capital ensures you hire too fast, pursue too many ideas, and spend massively on advertising, marketing and PR. Remember Rahul Yadav of housing.com’s nasty public spat with his VC? You can’t fire your VC but a VC can fire you. VCs have a lot on their plate and your startup is just one of their portfolio companies. So you don’t always get what’s promised. Lastly, you are backed by a VC, but statistically, you might fall as only 1 out of 10 startups that get money succeeds.

Take your call!!

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Emma Watson

One size fits all – not any more!! Fashion startups are running pilot projects, gathering information from hundreds of thousands of users and learning from user data. They are now recommending clothing based on one’s body type and style preference.

Uniqueness or how different you are from others is the key to survive in the choppy waters of Indian ecommerce, which have already gobbled up a few fashion etailers in the past 2 years and unsettled a few big ones too, including Jabong.

What doesn’t work:

Many of the failed fashion startups were lacking profitable business model and had high-cost structure. Also, the segment was and is still cluttered with me-too players which leads to hyper-competitive pricing and necessitates constant innovation to stay ahead. On top of all this, high percentage of return of apparel by consumers adds to the cost of etailer and customers can actually be very fickle and fussy.

What works:

The opportunity to build an online fashion brand is huge so in spite of the headwinds faced by a few online fashion etailers; investors continue to back and fund startups in the online fashion segment in India. Reasons: it has one of the highest margins among ecommerce segments; India has one of the most under-penetrated online fashion markets in the world. Besides this, deeper smartphone penetration is only going to help the online players. Then there are what they call “second-mover” advantages for new players. Consumers have already got a hang of buying fashion products online; cash-on-delivery and free returns have boosted buyers’ confidence.

A bunch of existing and new startups have in the past or recently received funding from angel investors. These investors also believe that a huge market like India can not be controlled by just one or two brands and so they are having their options spread out.

Among the recently funded ones are: Roposo, fashion social network has raised $21 million, last round was in April this year; 6degree, a fashion talent and tech startup has raised $200,000 in June this year; Voonik, a fashion shopping app has raised $27 million with $20 million of it in June alone this year.

#HarDinFashionKaro Download Voonik https://goo.gl/mLB2cq to shop for women fashion, accessories & jewellery ~via www.fromote.com/#ref=1602

For the record: fashion tech segment has received $162.24 million funding between October 2015 and July 2016.

So initially may be the script went wrong for some early startups but the fact is that India’s online fashion story is intact and here to stay.

Startup  Focus: Pretr, an omnichannel fashion marketplace; co-founded by Bhavik Jhaveri. Bootstrapped; claims to have over 100 top brands, 4 large format stores.

Event Focus: Print Expo Chennai 2016 to open on August 12 through August 16 at the Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India.


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